Managed Technology Solutions Private Limited

About US.

Managed Technology Solutions Private Limited was established on 15th of February 2013 to serve customers with state-of-the-art technological solutions, which would eventually help customers to sustain their growth by implementing industry proven process and data management techniques.

An ISO 27001:2022 and ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

Experience and Expertise in designing solutions among your organization technical and security needs.


“Customer always first.”

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To be the world-renowned system integrator with firm commitments to Integrate solutions that offer best resolution to our customer’s needs. We would ensure our solutions are cost effective for our customers and they always stay happy with us. We would put all honest effort to guarantee that we go beyond our customer’s expectations.

We would get deeper into our customer’s workflow and pledge to bring speed, security and reliability to their networks. In times to come we would be known for integrating reliable and performing end-to-end IT and Security infrastructures.

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To build world class IT and security infrastructure for clients by integrating best in class solutions and implementing top quality products and services that best suit our customer’s needs. Our solutions must make life for customers easier and improve customer businesses performance. We will always bring holistic approach on table for our customers. 


What allows us to provide consistent and committed results is the powerful combination of our delivery methodology, our philosophy, and our support team.

Our Delivery Model allow us to work with you to deliver projects more efficiently and ensure success.

Customer always first 

We are committed to helping you understand results. We bring our expertise to every project, every day.

Our Passion for technology 

That passion is emphasized by our unparalleled expertise & experience in Technology.

Our Expertise

We are well-versed with the requirements in different industries and our vast experience has given us a deep understanding of how technology impacts people and their processes.

Our Value

We know the best mentors are also the best listeners. So, we make sure; we understand your values, vision statements and then work with you to achieve it.